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The KOCT family would like to give a big THANK YOU to all those that attended the 2015 Open House Event. It was a great opportunity for the KOCT Board and staff to meet our viewers. We appreciate the assistance from Board members Debbie Allen, Michelle Bray-Davis, Frank Gould, Gerald Hampton, Margret Merlock, and Board Chairman Liz Rhea.  We also want to thank our host of Oceanside Spectrum, Elaine Swann and a big "GET WELL SOON" to her husband Chris.

Here are some scenes from our Great Event!
Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery and Gwen Sanders
KOCT's Aaron Capehart and Gwen Sanders
KOCT's Crew Wolf, Angela Miranda, and Micheyl Steinway

Live taping of the Oceanside Spectrum
Visitors enjoyed the behind the scene perspective 

(L-R) KOCT's Board Member Michelle Bray-Davis, Felicity Gould, KOCT's Board Members Frank Gould and Debbie Allen
KOCT's I.T. Specialist Phoenix Von Handy explaining Cablecast to visitors 
(L-R) Casa De Amparos Director Tamara Fleck-Myers with Host Elaine Swann

KOCT's Executive Director Tom Reeser and KOCT Board Member Janet Bledsoe-Lacey
Green Screen Magic
KOCT's Station Manger Jacob Rush with Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery
THANKS again for ALL the participation with the Open House!
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