Stock footage is provided for use on a non-exclusive basis and is granted on a limited usage basis for a given production and a given length of time as stated in the request. It may not be reused, resold, relicensed or recut in any other production. The following rates are for video stock footage copyrighted by KOCT-Oceanside Community Service Television Corp.

Broadcast Use:                                                                      $100.00 / shot
Non-broadcast Use: Industrials, In-house Corporate, etc.     $50.00 / shot

Duplication and Handling: Duplication, handling, research, shipping and tape costs are in addition to commercial use fees and subject to change dependent on videotape cost and changes in hourly compensation.

Multiple Usage of a Single Scene: Each additional use of a single scene in a given production is considered as a separate scene.

Quantity Discounts: Multiple scenes used in a given production will be discounted as follows: 10 shots, 10%; 20 shots, 20%; and 25 shots or more, 25%, maximum.

1. A letter of request detailing the commercial purpose and length of intended use must be sent to KOCT-Oceanside Community Service Television Corp. before request is processed. The request must be received no later than two weeks in advance of need.
2. Commercial use fees must be paid before a master copy is shipped. Checks should be made payable to KOCT-Oceanside Community Service Television Corp.
3. No duplication of master element is allowed.
4. A DVD copy of the completed project must be sent to KOCT-Oceanside Community Service Television Corp.
5. Payment is due at time of order.

Please allow 15 working days to process order.