Preparing for Monday’s KOCT's Open House

Preparing for Monday’s

KOCT's Open House

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On Monday KOCT will host its annual

Open House

at our 3038 Industry Street Studio. (Near Garrison and Oceanside Blvd).

Besides meeting KOCT’s staff and volunteer Board of Directors visitors will get to see how Oceanside Spectrum is produced.  Elaine Swann is the host of this long-running, monthly, Community Television Program. You’ll be able to meet her and find out how your non-profit organizations can appear on Spectrum to help publicize your fund-raisers, events or needs.

One of the fun ‘exhibits’ you’ll see is our Green Screen technology.  They use to call it Chroma-Key and its how your local TV weatherman is able to stand up in front of a giant map and tell you that San Diego will again be 70 degrees. (Except for May-Gray & June-Gloom).

Aaron Capehart (left) Jon Beltz (right).

You’ll get to sit in a custom little car designed by KOCT’s Chief Engineer, William Peters, and take a virtual road trip all around Oceanside.  Earlier this week, KOCT’s Production team of Angela Miranda, Aaron Capehart and Damian Mickey drove around Oceanside with our High-Definition (HD) cameras to gather the footage needed for your Trip.

Green Screen Set up.

Yesterday’s crew consisted of Angela Miranda, Aaron Capehart, Tamara Ilich and Jaylen Abrego. They set up an elaborate green screen background to shoot footage that will really make your experience a (as they said in the 60’s) Trippy.

As you can see from the photos it was truly a flying 3D-Circus.  The next step in our preparation for Monday is to take the road trip footage and combine it with yesterdays Green Screen footage so you can experience a drive around Oceanside like no other….

Take a ride with KOCT on Monday, June 15


from 2 pm to 5 pm for our annual

Open House

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 For more information or to RSVP call 760-722-4433.

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