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Important Roles KOCT Plays
One of the important roles that KOCT plays in our North County community is to provide media exposure, real world experience and job opportunities for young people. There are many young people currently working in the commercial television and film world who got their start at KOCT.

El Camino High School Group with Sharon Stong

Oceanside High School Group with Frank Zimmerman

One of the services we provide for students, our community and the Oceanside Unified School District is our High School Spectrum series. KOCT staff work closely with the students at El Camino High and Oceanside High School to teach them how to use the cameras, switchers, audio and other tools to produce their own television programs. They provide the hosts and select their guests—such as the two new Principles for their high school’s. Frank Zimmerman, who teaches at Oceanside High and Sharon Strong, who teaches at El Camino High, enjoy the opportunity to have their students experience a professional television studio and learn the craft from KOCT’s professional staff. Many times these same students come back as college students or volunteers and help KOCT in our quest to produce programs for by and about our north county community.

Director Jade Yusi at the Controls

Floor Manager Jaycee Scheri and Summer Dominguez on Camera 1

Oceanside High School Student on Camera 2

Oceanside High School Spectrum Set

Oceanside High School Student on Wide Camera

If you know a college student seeking an internship with KOCT you can have them download this Internship Application.

Our High School Spectrum series is now being edited by the Oceanside and El Camino High School students and I’ll provide a link to the show, here in Community Connection when completed. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s happening at our two local high schools!

Host Robert Rasul and Guest Principal Pirayoff 

Guest Jade Yusi with Hosts Devin Settles and Amalia Neil

On Set with Principal Bennett

2nd Annual North County Economic Summit
On Tuesday, March 10th at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort over 450 businessmen and women, elected officials and economic experts gathered for the 2nd Annual North County Economic Summit. The audience heard from a number of speakers and panelists about our national, state and San Diego economies.

Prior to the meeting KOCT’s Station Manager and I gave a tour of the KOCT television station to Carl Morgan, the CEO, and Karen Pearson, the Director of Investor Relations for the San Diego North Economic Development Council (SDNEDC)We discussed the informative value of this annual summit and the need for our community to better understand the economic challenges and potential of north county.

Carl and Karen convinced two important supporters and investors with SDNEDC about the value of recording the summit and sharing with a larger audience via local television and the internet. KOCT sent three production professionals with the latest hi-definition cameras to set-up and record this one-of-a-kind event.

Thanks to the Underwriters of the television production: Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians and Federal Heath Sign Company this summit will air on KOCT in April as well as being made available on KOCT.ORG as Video On Demand.

KOCT Editors are currently ‘breaking down’ the show into four episodes and you will learn a lot about our North County region via this informative series.

Pictured are Station Manager Jacob Rush with KOCT’s Aaron Capehart utilizing 2 Panasonic AG-HPX370 Series P2 HD Camcorders to capture the 4 hour event. Also on site was KOCT’s Angela Wong using a Panasonic AG-AC90A AVCCAM Handheld Camcorder to catch audience reaction and other perspectives. The show will be edited in Final Cut on our Mac Editing platforms.

We were pleased to see that KPBS’s Alison St. John (and a regular on KOCT’s Journalist Roundtable) was one of the moderators for her panels discussion about the education and training needed for todays workforce.

KOCT provides a number of production services like the coverage of this event for north county governments, businesses and non-profits. KOCT has a state-of-the-art high definition Mobile Studio, a full equipped studio at our Industry Street location and more than six different high definition editing bays. If you would like to have your meeting, event or conference documented so you can share with a greater audience AND preserve the event for future review please call KOCT’ Station Manager, Jake Rush at KOCT: 760-722-4433.

And look here for air dates and times for the 2nd Annual North County Economic Summit.

Attention Spans & Community Events
One of my first creative editing projects at KOCT occurred about 27 years ago and is reflective of today’s topic ‘Attention Spans & Community Events’. Matt Beck and I spent an early spring day videotaping the ‘beach opening’ event at the pier band shell, musical groups, jet ski’s, dancing and speeches. I edited a 12 minute highlight program and showed it to my boss, the late founder of KOCT, Bob Bowditch. He said he enjoyed the program but that KOCT normally didn’t spend that much time in the field, editing and not produce a 60 minute program.

Fast forward to the new monthly series of Newsbriefs that KOCT is now producing that average 2 minutes in length. There is a multitude of reasons (and media choices) that explain shorter programs and shorter attention spans including:
  •     People with smartphones/tablets now spend an average of almost 3 hours each day on them
  •     Viewers are watching less live television but spending more time in front of other media screens
  •     On-line video viewing is increasing for all Americans

A article in the Brookings Institution, ‘The Bad News about the News’ stated it well “ Today’s young people skitter around the Internet like ice skaters, exercising their short attention spans by looking for fun and, occasionally, seeking out serious information. Audience taste seems to be changing, with the result that among young people particularly there is a declining appetite for the sort of information packages that great newspaper provided….”

Another article on the increasingly blurred line between advertising and ‘straight news’ puts this dilemma well:  “…audiences only have a fixed amount of attention, and that on the Web they’re only one cluck away from every piece of information on the planet, the challenge was not on  how to compete against other brands, it was how to compete with media-all of it”.*Columbia Journalism Review / Nov-Dec 2014 “The Wolf at the Door”

KOCT has done a good job meeting some of these challenges all of our programs are available as Video On Demand which means viewers can watch any program not just when it is scheduled on KOCT’s television channel 18 & 19 but wherever they are via their smart phone, tablet or computer.

However one dilemma both we the program producer and you the viewer face is the challenge of connecting with local information. Tonight’s Journalist Roundtable is a perfect example we have 4 great guests each of whom will be interviewed for about 12 minutes each, a reasonable amount of time to explore issues such as gang violence, our community hospital or hear what our Mayor believes are the important issues he will address in 2015.  But 12 minutes is about 10 times as long as the ‘average’ cable news interview and far longer than the average funny cat video.

The difference is that community issues do more than amuse, they inform. The topics involve your family, neighbors, co-workers and children. The topics may concern your neighborhood and for example, could affect your commute in the morning. Community issues often require an attention span and a little bit of time to learn about the various sides and issues.

KOCT’s disadvantage is we are in a world-wide-web competition for your attention. Our advantage is we are the only one of those media choices whose sole focus is the issues and events of North San Diego County. KOCT doesn’t expect we are your only choice, but we should be one of them. Because you can stay connected to your community by tuning to KOCT-Your Community Channel.
Miscellaneous Pixels
Election Programming

KOCT has completed the recording & editing of all of its Election Programming!! All of this programming (13+ programs) will now be shown on KOCT’s Channel 18 community channel throughout the month of October. You can also view KOCT’s election programs as Video On Demand and watch on your smart phone while waiting in the DMV line.

KOCT has done its job and now it’s the task of each citizen to watch these programs and go to the polls as an informed and educated voter.

KOCT Fundraiser Reminder

Tickets are still available for KOCT’s FUNdraiser for both the 11:30 am and 1 pm seating’s on Thursday October 23rd. Tickets are only $20 per adult and all proceeds benefit KOCT and our goal of producing more community television programs.

If you can’t attend but want to help KOCT AND our military families you can buy a ticket & we’ll provide a free lunch for local military families. Call 722-4433 for more information or stop by KOCT and buy your ticket TODAY.


The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing Comcast’s acquisition of Times Warner Cable. This is an opportunity to address concerns and problems that have resulted in the closing of hundreds of PEG channels like KOCT all across our nation. Access Humboldt and American Community Television have filed comments that ask, as a condition to any consent to the transfer, that the FCC should prohibit discrimination against PEG channels, ensure that PEG channels have the same features and functionality and same signal quality as that of local broadcasters channels. They should also require that PEG channels be easily accessed on menus and that PEG channels be available on the HD tiers. Many of these requirements are in the current PEG laws but are not being enforced. 

It is my opinion that cable companies make a self-fulfilling argument that is not in the public interest—On the one hand they claim not very many people watch community channels and on the other they do everything they can to discourage viewership! They refuse to put program information on their Program Guide, make it difficult or impossible to record with their DVR’s and ban PEG channels from the High Definition tiers-all actions that confuse consumers and ‘hide’ PEG channels. What they cannot do is argue that every one of their thousand channels is of more value to the consumer than programming for by and about their own customers communities. Shopping Channels Vs Election Programming?? No I’m not buying that argument.

Tom Reeser-Executive Director- KOCT Your Community Channels 
Election Programming and KOCT FUNdraiser
In the beginning KOCT began covering candidate forums and ballot proposition with volunteers because KOCT Founder Bob Bowditch felt it was a service to our community. You might say KOCT’s independent status was born out of election programming because that was the impetus for KOCT to become a 501 3 c non-profit over 30 years ago. 

When the City of Oceanside provided general fund support for KOCT they included in our contract of needed services election programs, but then in 2011 cut all of KOCT’s general fund dollars and the requirement to produce election programs.

However KOCT’s staff and volunteer Board of Directors felt, like Founder Bob Bowditch, that this was an important service to our community and that is why in 2014 KOCT continues to produce more local election programming than any television station in San Diego County !

How can we continue to produce programs about City Council, MiraCosta College, Oceanside School District and Hospital candidates?  Because of community support for KOCT and events like our upcoming 13th Annual Outback FUNdraiser!

Without this FUNdraiser, grants and production income KOCT would not have the staff or resources to produce informative Election programs. So help us out and attend this years FUNdraiser.

The event will be at the Outback Steakhouse in Oceanside on Thursday, October 23rd with seating’s at 11:30 am and 1:00 pm. There will also be an opportunity drawing and silent auction.
If you can’t attend you can still support KOCT by sponsoring an active duty military family in our “meals for military” program on Saturday, October 25th.
Tickets are only $20 for adults and $10 for children 10 and under.

For more information or to purchase tickets contact any member of the KOCT Board of Directors or call KOCT at 722-4433!

Support KOCT election programming, an informed electorate and our local military families by attending this years 13th annual Outback Steakhouse because KOCT is Your Community Channel!

Community Connection - Week Three of our Throwback Edition
Continuing the Community Connections Throw Back Edition to celebrate KOCT's 30 years of service to our north county community!

We have another election in November of this year so it’s appropriate & fun to look back to past elections. Here, in 2002, are the candidates for Mayor of Oceanside on the Voice of Oceanside. Left is incumbent Jim Wood, Host Tim Aldrich, an unknown candidate and Rocky Chavez—then a City Councilmember and now a state Assemblyman, 76th District.

Talk about a lot of candidates for City Council! Too many to name but standing is the former host of the Senior Scene, Dick Johnson,  and it looks like the Flag Man, Alex Kapitanski, provided the set decoration.
Late 90’s?

One of our most popular shows in the late 90’s and early 2000’s was Lawyers on the Line by the North County Bar Association. Viewers could call in with general legal questions and the show featured some of the many talented Lawyers and Judges in North County tackling a variety of legal issues & topics.

HealthCare Matters (Top) was a health program KOCT produced that was hosted by radio personality, Meg Banta who now teaches Radio at Palomar College. KOCT’s Inside Oceanside, below, was a video magazine about Oceanside that was initially hosted by their Public Information Officer, Don Williamson and Camp Pendleton’s Amy Forsythe. Amy later served numerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and continues to enjoy a varied communications career in the US Navy. 

Good information from the Media Alliance about Public Access TV:
The Good News and the Bad News About Public Access TV

On the completely great side, the California Legislature passed AJR 39, a joint resolution from California's State Government asking the federal government to please fix the clause in the 1984 Cable Act that restricts much public funding of cable access channels to capital only without operational support. This clause, which is supported by virtually no one, has contributed to the closure of community media centers across the state of California.

On the less wonderful side, a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) rulemaking process on cable franchise renewals appears to be taking the path of least resistance under the leadership of Commissioner Peevey, and endorsing a rubberstamp process that ignores service level to the community and complaints received during the cable service renewal process. Media Alliance's latest set of (somewhat futile) reply comments can be found here.

More news in support of PEG channels like KOCT:

And recently, at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors, a resolution was made calling for the restructuring of the 1984 Cable Act. The resolution, which was passed unanimously, encourages the U. S. Congress to amend federal legislation pertaining to community access television stations. These stations like KOCT, currently receive Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) fees. However, PEG funds. must only be used for capital improvements. The resolution calls for allowing those funds to be used for operation costs as well.

With the support of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, KOCT urges the U.S. Congress to make the minor legislative changes that will allow PEG fees to be used for the operations of our community access television station. The resolution supports the power of public access stations. Community television channels provide transparency and access for local governments with their residents and business owners by broadcasting City Council and hospital  meetings, voter information for local elections, topical talk shows on local issues and topics and other events like the recent Independence  parade.