State of the County

For the third year in a row our colleagues at the County Television Network (CTN) have contracted KOCT’s Mobile Studio to help them document the Board of Supervisor’s State of the County Address. This year it was given by Chairwoman Diane Jacobs at the County Operations Center in Kearny Mesa on Jan. 29th.

KOCT”s mobile studio was custom made for KOCT in nearby San Marcos and allows KOCT to provide ‘live to tape’ multiple-camera coverage of a variety of events from meetings, to parades to football games. We value our partnership with CTN which provides county government television and internet coverage on a variety of county government topics, check them out.

This weekend you can go to KOCT.ORG and click on Video on Demand to watch and learn about the state of our county.The event was streamed live and will air both on KOCT and on CTN with CTN providing the camera operator and director for this event.

Leading the KOCT team is KOCT’s Station Manager Jacob Rush who often directs KOCT‘s productions both in our studio and in the field.  Jake is a graduate of Cal State San Marcos, and has over a decade of video production experience. One of his current productions is the award-winning “Downtown Oceanside” a video production focusing on Oceanside as a vacation destination. Jake has also won numerous awards for the directing of sports programs.

Jacob Rush
Bill Peters

Working with Jake on the State of the County gig is KOCT’s Chief Engineer, Bill Peters. Bill attended the University of California at Los Angeles and received his degree in engineering in 1959. Bill has over thirty five years of experience in managing the design and construction of electronic information systems for Consolidated Systems Corporation, Scientific Data Systems and the Xerox Corporation. He has an amazing grasp and knowledge of the innumerable pieces of equipment required to run, operate and maintain an active community TV station like KOCT!