Election Programming

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

It appears that this year’s voter will face a challenging number of complicated, wordy and important ballot measures.  Voters will need to review numerous pages with extensive detail about potential bonds, development initiatives and propositions.

KOCT has been producing a number of Election 2016 programs to help you become an informed voter about candidates and issues in our North County.  ALL of these programs will be replayed extensively in September & October on KOCT and right up to the November election. Additionally, all of these programs can be seen as Video On Demand via KOCT.ORG on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

So become an informed voter.  CLICK on our VOD Election 2016 list of programs and learn more about the candidates who seek office in north county and about the many bonds and initiatives facing the electorate in 2016. Here are the KOCT programs that will be available now and in October on KOCT-North County’s Channel:

Journalist Roundtable (recorded 9-1-16)

·        Proposition A (SANDAG Bond)
·        Lilac Hills Development Initiative
·        Measure MM- (MiraCosta College Bond)

Journalist Roundtable (will record on 10-6-16)

·        Oceanside City Council Candidates
·        Oceanside Mayoral Candidates

Voice of North County (will record on 10-4-16)

·        Tri-City Medical Center

·        Oceanside Unified School District
·        Oceanside Treasurer

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Forums (Recorded at & by MiraCosta College on 9-22-16 & 9-27-16 and available on KOCT in October)

·        Oceanside Unified School District Board of Trustees
·        Tri-City Medical Center Board of Directors
·        Oceanside City Council Candidates
·        Oceanside Mayoral Candidates

KOCT’s Candidate Statements- All candidates were invited to submit, for no fee, 5 minute statements, or contract with KOCT to record their statements in the KOCT studio.
Candidates Statements was a free * election season  service until City of Oceanside funding to KOCT was cut and our contract obligation to produce ANY Election program was eliminated. KOCT continues, however, to produce election programs as part of our Mission to serve our Community.

KOCT Thanks Underwriter Federal Heath Signs for their generous support of KOCT’s Election 2016 programming. 
The San Luis Rey Rotary Club also made a donation to assist KOCT in producing these expensive Election programs.  Thank you SLR Rotary!

 * The $250 fee KOCT charges for Candidate Statements  pays for the staff, studio time, preparation , editing and replays required to produce these optional programs.  

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