Good Holiday News

Good Holiday News!  KOCT has figured out how to save you enough time to learn to surf and enjoy a recent musical event in downtown Oceanside.  We have a new program called Oceanside City Council Highlights—Reporter Promise Yee, who covers the City Council meetings for The Coast News, provides a brief synopsis of the most important agenda items for those who don’t want to watch an entire council meeting!  (The link takes you to our VOD page—just scroll down and click the City Council Highlight for the most recent council summation.)
With the extra time we just saved you why not Learn to Surf? KOCT has a new series called Learnin’ to Surf which will begin airing on Saturday December 5th at 8 am on KOCT’s Channel 19.  For the premier of this new series we’ll play three episodes back-to-back and you’ll get 3 hours of surf lessons for free! We’ll also play the entire series on the following Sunday at 9 am but on Channel 18.  We’ll play 1 episode throughout December—every weekend too. KOCT would like to thank artist and producer Norlynne Coar for allowing us to air this creative series—to find out to order a copy contact her at
Finally you are going to enjoy a new Newsbrief: Oceanside Music Festival. This was the 14th Annual Music Festival and KOCT was informed about this  unique event by the key organizer, Robert Parker, Executive Board Member of Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF).  Our program was produced by Kellie Davis and edited by Toby Maysey. Congratulations to the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation for putting on another fabulous performing arts event! 

Tom ReeserComment