We have a lot of local local local community content this week on KOCT— For those who love watching KOCT on their big flat screen TVs, go to KOCT.ORG—click on Schedule and then type in the name of the program you want to watch and all the program days and times will be revealed. Or, for those who want instant gratification, click on any of the links below to watch programming about our library, hospital, health and politics—all on KOCT-Your Community Channel!

Newsbrief Big Read True Grit –Our latest Newsbrief is about a great event our downtown library recently held about the classic book (and two movies) True Grit.  Our Oceanside library is so innovative in the grants they seek and the events they create.  Their creative and talented staff have done a great job creating a 21st Century Library. Check this Newsbrief out!

Recently Host John Bonosoro interviewed the CEO of our community hospital, Tim Moran, only days after a historic announcement.  In our latest Community Health Matters we hear about how Tri-City Medical Center has entered into an exclusive affiliation with UCSD Health. This surprise announcement was well received by our community and San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins too. 

Open Enrollment & Community Health Matters--On this episode, Wayne Knight, Sr. Vice President of Medical Services at Tri-City Medical Center, talks to host John Bonosoro about Open Enrollment, also known as Medicare Annual Election Period. If you are receiving or eligible for Medicare this is a must-see-program for you!
Did you know you can watch Oceanside City Council Meetings on YouTube? KOCT, of course, carries every City Council meeting live and replays them on channel 19 (Thursday after the meeting at 2 pm, Saturday at 11 am and Sunday at 5 pm). So if you miss the ‘live’ meeting or replay, just use the above link to get your political/local government fix for the week.

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