Community Connection- Throwback Edition

Our next few Community Connections will be Throw Back Editions because KOCT is celebrating 30 years of service to our north county community!

Former San Diego Union-Tribune and North County Times reporter and columnist J. Stryker Meyer (Left) was our Journalist Roundtable Host for many interesting programs. Here he is joined by a North County Times Reporter and San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins. They are interviewing San Diego County District Attorney Paul Pfingst in 2001.

Here is an earlier photo from the 1990’s when Tom Morrow hosted the program and is joined by a San Diego Union-Tribune reporter (Left) and J. Stryker Meyer when he was a reporter for the North County Times. Behind them are the KOCT crew and Jerry Salyer (back row second from right). (Note ‘Tilt’s east coast ‘sock’ or lack therein that we would tease him endlessly about..)

Congressman Darrell Issa, 49th District, at a Town Hall Meeting at the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce in 2001.

KOCT worked with a local community group, Barrio Arte in the early 1990’s to help young people find creative alternative to gang participation. We dedicated the entire wall of the KOCT studio to this giant mural and many young people from our most high-risk neighborhoods spent days at the station painting this colorful creation with anti-gang messages. For one anti-gang program we had the opportunity to interview boxer Oscar De La Hoya who told an ABC crew to wait till he finished his interview with KOCT! He recounted his own childhood in tough neighborhoods and how boxing was his ‘ticket out’. Below is the finished mural. (The mural no longer exists due to the last remodel of the KOCT studios)

Tom ReeserComment