Community Connection for Thursday, June 26, 2014

Channel Surfing Snippets

KOCT has been documenting Oceanside parades since the early 1980’s—in fact we used to cover both the Christmas Parade and the Independence Parade before budget cuts silenced the December high school bands. Thanks to Main Street Oceanside we still have the Independence Day parade and thanks to Mossy Nissan, this year’s television sponsor, KOCT’s camera will be there to catch all the festivities. The parade starts at 10 am but it usually doesn’t arrive at our KOCT Civic Center location till about 10:30 am. Our hosts this year will be the hysterical Tom Brault along with historical Kristi Hawthorne (she’s President of the Oceanside Historical Society and Tom is a talented, singer, actor and long-time Rotarian too).

What’s that? You have to stay home and wait for the cable guy? Don’t worry! The Parade airs LIVE on KOCT’s channel 18 AND you can watch it on your smart phone, tablet, computer, iPad or google glass by going to KOCT.ORG and clicking ‘streaming 18’ on our home page.

And if that doesn’t work for you because you’re IN THE PARADE (like Grand Marshall and KOCT friend David Nydegger) here are Replay times for the Independence Day Parade for June 29 – July 6 are:

Channel 18

Sat 6/28 - 10am [*live*], 6pm
Sun 6/29 - 8am, 8pm
Mon 6/30 – 6pm
Thursday 7/3 – 2pm
Fri 7/4 - 6am, 2pm, 6pm
Sat 7/5 – 6am, 2pm, 9pm
Sun 7/6 – 10am, 9pm

Channel 19

Sun 6/29 - 11am   
Mon 6/30 – 2pm
Tue 7/1 – 4pm
Wed 7/6 – 5pm
Thursday 7/3 – 7pm
Fri 7/4 - 4pm
Sat 7/5 – 11am, 7pm,
Sun 7/6 – 2pm


Congratulations to KOCT Editor Shawn Lennon, Videographer Angela Wong and Production Assistant Tamara Illich For their STAR Award at this years SCAN NATOA Conference in Santa Monica. This annual video competition for California and Nevada government access television channels is very competitive. The second place award in the Community Event category was for KOCT’s coverage of the annual Dia De Los Muertos event at the Mission San Luis Rey. Angela and Tamara were the field crew that videotaped the event and then team member Shawn Lennon edited the final award winning video. I also want to give a shout out to our friends at the County Television Network (CTN) who won a wagonload of awards for their quality programs! They now go by the name County News Center and you can watch their program by clicking here.

Next weeks Journalist Roundtable-

Next weeks Journalist Roundtable on Thursday night, July 3rd at 6 pm has a diverse array of guests and subjects you won’t want to miss. 76th District Assemblyman Rocky Chavez will fill us in on all the events occurring with our state government in Sacramento.  Next up will be the President of Cal State San Marcos, Dr. Karen Haynes who will talk about the student population boom and what that means for future campus growth. She’ll also talk about the fire that forced the evacuation of the campus and the delay in graduation ceremonies. Dr. Bart Billings will talk about his annual conference that was held last month in Carlsbad about Combat Stress and the link between psychiatric drugs given our soldiers and the link to increased suicides among soldiers.  And it must be the start of election season: Chuck Lowery, a former Oceanside City Council member has just announced his run for one of the two seats currently occupied by incumbents Jerry Kern and Gary Felien—Find out why he’s decided to throw his hat in the ring and what issues he’ll campaign on. The show airs LIVE between 6 pm and 7 pm on Cox Cable channel 18 or AT&T’s U-Verse (ch 99). And don’t forget you can go to KOCT.ORG and click Streaming 18 and watch on your smart phone, tablet or computer. AND Journalist Roundtable Now a podcast too.

Thanks to the creative spark of KOCT’s Angela Wong our Journalist Roundtable programs are now Podcasts too! We’re using PODOMATIC to host our media. Simple go to PODOMATIC to listen to the JRT episode!

Very cool feature: Click on the bottom right button that says "Subscribe on iTunes" and your iTunes will automatically open and you can download/listen to the episode there!  We’ll do our best to post the latest show within about 5 days of its television premier! Thanks Angela!!

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