Community Connection

One of the services KOCT has provided for Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista residents since 1997 is coverage of the Tri-City Medical Center’s Board of Directors meetings.  Tri-City is one of a handful of community hospitals in San Diego County and local homeowners fund and care about this important medical center.  In fact the reason we began covering these meetings is that in the mid-90’s there was talk about privatizing the hospital. Community members and the Board of Directors themselves felt the community needed to be informed if such a decision was going to be made and coverage of their meetings was the first step in keeping the public informed about the workings of their hospital.  

Pictured in today’s blog are some of the talented young people who provide this television service. KOCT rolls its sophisticated Mobile Studio to the hospital and set ups a four-camera shoot on the 4th Thursday of every month and documents the meetings in a style we call ‘live on tape’.  It requires 7 crew members to cover these meetings and every meeting is shown 4 times on KOCT as well as shown on the government channels in the City of Vista and Carlsbad. KOCT also makes each meeting available as Video On Demand (VOD) too.

The Affordable Care Act has brought to the publics attention the cost and importance of health care and KOCT is proud that we’ve been bringing the public’s attention to our local health care facility for seventeen years.  A shout out and thanks to the KOCT talented crew who carry the tripods, cameras and cables down a flight of stairs once a month to keep our community informed!