John Lynch, Irma Cota and Bill Horn On Journalist Roundtable this month

Video On Demand is so cool you can watch KOCT’s unique local programming when YOU want to, not just when it is scheduled on KOCT’s two television channels.  With our phone app, you can listen to our most recent Journalist Roundtable program while you drive to work.  And this month's show you won’t want to miss (Public Safety Reminder LISTEN don’t watch while driving duh).

Our special guest for the first half-hour of the show was the CEO of the San Diego U-T John Lynch and what an interview it was.  We had breaking news that included a short video about a new direction for the only daily Newspaper in San Diego County:  The San Diego U-T is about to launch News Now “sort of a new age CNN” a 24-hour Network that will launch here in San Diego but one that will provide a national news network featuring the latest in technology over the air and via the internet. Mr. Lynch also discussed newspaper employees and the cost cutting attitude that successful newspapers have to have to survive in this changing media landscape.

Our two other guests also provided topical and interesting information. For example Irma Cota, the CEO of North County Health Services explained that the new Affordable Care Act mirrored their goal to expand access to medical care. In fact NCHS has 12 employees at present whose job it is to educate the uninsured about the new affordable insurance options now available under the Affordable Care Act.

Our last guest was the Supervisor for the 5th District of San Diego County, Bill Horn.  He said he thought they were on track (sorry for the pun) to put a new train station on Camp Pendleton possibly near the new Hospital that will serve the Sprinter, Coaster and AMTRAK.

So check out this month's show by clicking here. This program is a great opening for our new season and our upcoming shows.  As a reminder JRT airs the First Thursday of every month on channel 18 from 6 pm to 7 pm. KOCT also ‘streams’ the live show via our website.

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