Make KOCT your Power-On Favorite Channel (It's easy and smart)

With so many digital distractions it’s not always easy to find KOCT amongst the channel clutter.  Cox Cable has hundreds of channels to wade through, but only two of those many channels are for, by and about our hometown of Oceanside.

One easy way to check out what KOCT is airing is to make KOCT your Power-On channel; that way as soon as you sit down to watch TV you can easily see what  valuable community-centric KOCT program is airing BEFORE you watch the national news offerings. And if you also make KOCT a Favorite channel you only have to push one button to watch KOCT and our city council replays, documentaries and North County talk shows.

Here’s how to do it:
  • On your remote control, push ‘settings’ and then ‘A’ or more settings
  • Next click ‘My Preferences’. There you will have a choice of selecting your Favorite Channels (18 & 19 of course) and your Power-On Channel: either 18-Your Community Channel or 19-Your Government Channel.  
  • Then click ‘Exit’ to return to get out of the ‘settings mode’.
You’ll find it’s a lot easier to find KOCT amidst channel clutter by following these easy steps. And don’t forget you can go to the Cox Website for similar information.

Tom ReeserComment