Oceanside Community Service Television Corp (KOCT) is administered as a P.E.G. (public, educational and government) access and local origination community television station. These guidelines apply to Public Access programming supplied by a North County resident for airing in Public Access time slots and other programs shown on KOCT- the community channel and streamed via Public Access is the term used to describe the availability of airtime and community television facilities for televising locally oriented programming. As a matter of corporate policy, KOCT is dedicated to delivering quality local programming. This service is intended to provide opportunities for responsible community expression about issues and topics of interest to North County residents. KOCT is a diverse organization committed to equal opportunity in employment and program delivery. KOCT does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation and family status. Persons believing they have been discriminated against should notify KOCT in writing at 3038 Industry Street, Suite 101, Oceanside CA 92054. The intent of these Guidelines is to assure equity in Public Access programming.


1. To make program time available on an equitable basis to community members and groups for the purpose of presenting quality programs that are relevant to local community interests.

2. To encourage use by the greatest number of Community Producers to promote diversity of program content.

3. To provide an opportunity for minority, as well as majority stances on topics of community concern.

4. To provide quality content, local programming that is initiated and produced by local community members and is not generally available to the public through other programming sources.

5. To insure that the community is provided with good quality Access Programming produced with good quality technical standards.

6. To prevent violation of federal, state or local laws.

7. To prevent misuse of or damage to KOCT facilities.


Any individual or group residing, working or attending school in the North Sand Diego County, who is qualified within the meaning of these Guidelines, is eligible to apply for Public Access time. Proof of residence, employment or attendance at a local school must be provided. Minors under the age of 18 may use the facilities only if they are accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility for the actions of the minor(s). Release forms signed by a parent or guardian are required for any minor who appears on KOCT television programs.


KOCT will not arbitrarily censor any qualified Public Access user, nor exercise any control of Public Access program subject matter. KOCT will take appropriate steps to ensure that program content is in compliance with federal, state and local laws and these KOCT Public Access Guidelines.

1. PROGRAMMING OF A COMMERCIAL NATURE IS PROHIBITED, including the following restrictions:

a) Advertising material designed to promote the use or sale of commercial products or service. Businesses, products, services, enterprises or events may be mentioned on a program only if the producer receives no compensation and has no economic interest in the product, service, enterprise or event. However, a producer may recover reasonable compensation for direct costs involved in the production of the program. If the producer has no economic interest in the product, business, etc., it may be discussed but no information as to where or how to purchase or rent the produce, service, etc., may be provided. Producers and guests may not solicit sales leads or customer inquiries. Some examples of inappropriate topics include: why the business product is superior, where or how to purchase the product (including business location and hours of operation), and how the business’s customers now have better lives.

b) Advertising by or on behalf of candidates for public office. Political candidates may appear on a program but they may not appear within sixty (60) days of an election unless they appear in the capacity of carrying out their legitimate, official duties, in a bona fide news event, or in forums in which all candidates have been invited and which are conducted in a fair and equitable manner.

c) Solicitation or appeal for revenue or funds may not be made for any organization or purpose. Nonprofit organizations and charities may be discussed in a program but the focus of the discussion may not be on the need for donations or financial support. Donations may not be solicited! The Board of Directors may make exceptions to this rule. Producers are responsible for the words and actions of everyone who appears on their program. Guests and talent should be briefed on these rules before production begins.

Oceanside Community Service Television Corp., the City of Oceanside and the video service provider assume no responsibility or liability for access programming that is provided or produced by representatives of the community. Users found responsible for violation of these rules, illegal programming or programming containing information intended to defraud the viewer will forfeit their
right to access. Types of illegal programming prohibited by applicable federal and/or state laws:

a) Information concerning any lottery, gift enterprise or similar scheme, offering prizes depending in whole or in part upon lot or chance, or any list of prizes drawn or awarded by means of any such lottery, gift enterprise, or scheme whether said list contains part or all of such prizes. A program comes within this prohibition if, in connection with such a program, a person whose selection is dependent in whole or in part upon lot or chance, if as a condition of winning or
competing for such a prize, such winner or winners are required to furnish any money or thing of value or are required to have in their possession any product sold, manufactured, furnished or distributed by a sponsor of a program played on the system in question.

b) Material that is intended to defraud the viewer or designed to obtain money by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promise.

c) Promotion of gambling in violation of any applicable county, state or federal laws.

d) Indecent or obscene subject matter. (Violation of this rule is subject to criminal liability under federal law. Title 18, U.S.C. Sec. 1464.)

e) Libelous or slanderous subject matter, as defined by law.

3. USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Any users providing Public Access programming shall be required to advise KOCT whether or not their programs involve the use of copyrighted material or material subject to other ownership or royalty rights. If so, documentation that the user has obtained all necessary clearances and permissions and made all necessary arrangements with the program owners, copyright owners and owners of any performing or royalty rights may be requested by KOCT before the program is aired.

4. POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL. Public Access users are requested to notify KOCT of program material that may be potentially offensive to viewers of KOCT. Programs with content that may be considered offensive by community standards must include a disclaimer before the start warning that content may be offensive or unsuitable for some viewers. KOCT reserves the right to play programs that may contain material unsuitable for children or offensive by community standards in an adult programming hour after 10:00 P.M. Finally, any program with excessively violent material, excessive adult language, nudity or sexually explicit material will be shown after 10:00 P.M.

5. RESPONSIBILITY. All Public Access users assume complete responsibility for the content of the programming provided. Any dispute that arises concerning the programming shall be between the user and the complaining party.

6. LIABILITY. Oceanside Community Service Television Corp., the City of Oceanside and the video service provider undertake no responsibility to the user or any other party for any legal liabilities that may arise as a consequence of presentation of Public Access programming. Users shall sign a release form (Playback Application Public Access Programming) to indemnify and hold harmless Oceanside Community Service Television Corp., the City of Oceanside and the video service provider for all liability of any kind whatsoever, including costs of legal defense arising from the presentation of Public Access Programming provided by the user. Therefore, users are cautioned to be aware of applicable state and federal laws.

7. PUBLIC RECORDS. Oceanside Community Service Television Corp. shall maintain a complete record of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all Applicants (Local Producers) who submit programs for Public Access airing, as well as persons, groups, organizations or entities requesting Public Access time. This record shall be available for public inspection during regular business hours (9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Mon. –Thurs.). Records will be retained for at least two (2)

8. SATELLITE PROGRAMMING. KOCT may add the following text before and after all satellite downloaded programming: “This program is sponsored by (organization or applicant name).”

9. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS. All programming submitted must meet the standards defined in KOCT TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PUBLIC ACCESS PROGRAMS. 


An individual Public Access program or series may receive one airing in a six (6) month period; and two (2) airings in a year. A series is defined as four (4) or more programs per month. A Community Producer will lose his/her regularly scheduled series time slot if KOCT does not receive a minimum of four (4) new programs per month or if programs are delivered late. KOCT reserves the right to refuse multiple airings of the same programs.


Applicants shall be allowed to use a reasonable time for their Public Access program. The length of program time slots is defined on page seven (7) under the heading TOTAL RUNNING TIME in the section about KOCT TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PUBLIC ACCESS PROGRAMS. No individual applicant will monopolize the channel time. No single Public Access Community Producer, institutions, agency or organization may have more than one (1) hour of Public Access channel space in any given week. In fairness to each Public Access Community Producer, institution, agency or organization and all applicants, KOCT reserves the right to determine airtime and the number of shows submitted for air in any given week. Additional guidelines to ensure equitable time allocation may be imposed when necessary. If a North County resident requests time to air an alternative viewpoint to one presented on KOCT Public Access, the program will be aired if it meets KOCT technical requirements. Public Access applicants may file an appeal of KOCT staff decisions with the Board of Directors of Oceanside Community Service Television Corp. Decisions of the Board of Directors are final and not subject to further review.


The actual airing of a particular program may be delayed when Public Access demand exceeds available programming time.


KOCT reserves the right to change the scheduled air date and time without advanced notice to the Public Access user. In addition, KOCT may also change the hours and days of channel operation without notice.


In the event that channel space becomes fully utilized, Public Access Community Producers will be added to a waiting list.


1. Programs focused on the North County community are given first priority.

2. Programs produced within the North County, California service area are second.

3. Programs produced within the County of San Diego are next and outside the County are last.


When requests for time exceed availability, the following rules shall apply:

1. Priority standards for channel access:
a) Locally produced programs have priority over programs produced out of the area and by non-residents.

2. KOCT will generally give priority to programs that are topical and timely.


1. Individual programs shall be delivered at least four (4) weeks prior to the date on which the program is scheduled to be aired.

2. Series programs must be received to KOCT no later than five (5) days prior to the date of airing. Two violations of this requirement will result in loss of series time slot.

3. Please remember the time to pick up and drop off programs is during regular business hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Mon – Thurs).

4. Please do not deliver program masters. Although every attempt is made to return programs, KOCT cannot guarantee that every program will be returned.




These standards are required for every submitted program — individual and series.


  •  Program audio shall be recorded on both channels (stereo preferred or dual mono). Programming consisting exclusively of dialog on one channel and ambiance on the other audio channel must be mixed to mono and recorded on both audio channels. Audio shall be recorded in phase.

  •  No tone or color bars at beginning of clip.

  •  Maintain optimum audio level at -12 db. Do not go over – 6 db to avoid sound distortions.

 Flash drive
 External Hard Drive
 Data DVDs
 File sharing services such as or

 H.264
 MOV (QuickTime)
 MP4

 Content must arrive at KOCT broadcast ready – DO NOT include bars and tone, slate, countdown, or black heads and tails
 Content must be 16X9 or 4X3 aspect ratios, 29.97fps NTSC.
 Audio must occupy two audio channels (stereo) and maintain the output of -12db
Do not submit Program Masters.

 Title of show – Number of show – Subtitle of show – Contact information
 For example: My Show – Episode 201 – My Episode – John Doe (760)

All programs must be professionally edited.
 Camera edits made by turning the camera off and on while shooting are not acceptable.
 KOCT does not air programming that is unprofessionally mastered because it introduces
glitches, breakups and/or snow, and lowers picture quality— resulting in transmission problems.

KOCT accepts Public Access programs in two lengths.
a) Programs for half-hour time slots must be from 25 to a maximum of 28 ½ minutes long.
b) Programs for hour long time slots must be 55 to a maximum of 58 ½ minutes long.
c) Public Service Announcements (PSAs) must be standard 30 seconds or 60 seconds

The Public Access Applicant agrees that the following text may be added by KOCT before and after
all standard programs and PSAs submitted:

“This program (or PSA) is sponsored by organization and applicant’s name.”


Contact phone numbers or addresses may be provided in a program, except contact addresses or phone numbers for businesses. Inquiries to business people appearing in a program must be handled by the program producer. Please refer to page 2, Programming Content, Programming of a Commercial Nature.


Public Access Programming may contain acknowledgements at the beginning and end of each episode for individuals or organizations whose underwriting contributions made production of the program possible. Each acknowledgment may last up to 10 seconds and include text with voice over and display of a company logo.

WHAT CANNOT BE INCLUDED: Text or voice over announcement of business mailing address, phone or fax number, email or web address may not be included in Public Access underwriting acknowledgements.


KOCT reserves the right to pre-empt the presentation of any Public Access programming in the event of, but not limited to, scheduling conflicts, pending or actual local, state or federal emergencies. Free literature or other material may be offered on a program but not by businesses or commercial, for profit organizations. The material must be for informational or entertainment purposes only. Material providing product or service information, such as catalogs, may not be offered. Information offered for the purpose of soliciting donations may not be given.