PSA - Green Oceanside

The City of Oceanside has made it easy for residents to find information on all of the City’s environmental programs and services through the Green Oceanside website. Green Oceanside educates the Oceanside Community regarding water use efficiency, preventing pollution of our waterways, zero waste, climate action and energy conservation. Oceanside residents can learn about rebates for purchasing and installing water saving devices in their homes as well as how to track water usage with the new WaterSmart program. Learning how to take of your landscaping without impacting our local waterways or finding out when the next beach clean up will take place is just a click away. Looking up where to take paint, oil, electronics and other household hazardous waste or how to compost in your backyard is right at your fingertips. You can also find out how Climate Action strategies are being incorporated into the City’s General Plan Update and how Solar power is being used to power City facilities. A multitude of information and resources on each of these initiatives and more can be found at In addition to the website, Oceanside residents can download the free Green Oceanside App to have environmental program and event information on their mobile device. There is also a list of Green Oceanside Business Members on the App to allow residents to support local businesses that use sustainable practices that protect our environment. Stay engaged and keep up to date with the Green Oceanside App and