Press Release for December 5, 2016

Pearl Harbor Anniversary

Documentary to Air on KOCT

“So That None Will Forget”. This program was recorded in 1991 when numerous Pearl Harbor veterans came to Oceanside to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The program features the remembrances and reflections of fifteen survivors of the attack that President Roosevelt called “the day that will live in infamy”.

The program was produced by KOCT’s Matt Beck and program Host Brian Graham and features the camerawork of KOCT’s Angel Soto and Kim Rettberg.  The viewer will hear from WWII veterans like Francis Parkinson - who was on the Oklahoma when it was attacked. His brother was also on the ship and was pushed out of a porthole to safety by a Petty Officer who died after his heroic sacrifice. 

The documentary also features interviews with Ralph J. Hornbrook, Bob Sullivan, Gerald Glaubitz, John Leahy, Kenneth Creese, James Evans, Marvin Ziegler, Clement Doyle, Clarence Heidemann, William Aupplerlee, Pierre Koby, Darrell Kamery, Paul Gallagher and Percy Lee Spicer.

Many of the stories told are not widely known. One survivor acknowledged seeing a Japanese fighter flying overhead on December 6th - one day before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pierre Koby said his base was attacked at least ten minutes before the attack began on Pearl Harbor.

KOCT will also air a NewsBrief recorded in 2007 which shows a Pearl Harbor Memorial was dedicated at the small Oceanside fishing pier in the harbor. Oceanside’s Mayor Dick Lyon acknowledged the elderly Pearl Harbor Survivors who attended the event. Lloyd Prosser, the son of a Pearl Harbor survivor, also spoke. 

Schedule for KOCT Pearl Harbor programs:

Channel 19

Wednesday, December 7th

So None Will Forget
7AM, 2PM, 9:30PM

NewsBrief – Pearl Harbor
8PM & 11PM

*Please note some of these airings may be interrupted by the city council meeting

Thursday, December 8th

So None Will Forget
7PM and 11PM

NewsBrief – Pearl Harbor

Friday, December 9th

So None Will Forget

Saturday, December 10th

So None Will Forget

NewsBrief – Pearl Harbor

Sunday, December 11th

So None Will Forget

NewsBrief – Pearl Harbor

KOCT is available in Oceanside on Cox Cable and on AT&T’s U-Verse channel 99 county-wide. All of KOCT’s program can also be viewed as VOD (video on demand) by going to and clicking on Video On Demand—these programs can be found under the History category.

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