Cox Conversion from Analog to Digital

Cox Conversion from Analog to Digital
Helpful information and Link for viewers having trouble receiving KOCT

Recently COX Communications moved KOCT to a digital format only. Most viewers with digital service or newer televisions have not been affected. However some viewers will need to rescan their televisions OR, if they have a TV made in 2006 or earlier, call Cox to get a digital tuner.

Customers who need to perform a channel scan can find the video tutorial on the following link:

In addition to the tutorial link, their webpage provides helpful PEG transition information, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and written instructions on how to tune your television.

KOCT is also keeping a log of viewer’s experiences and complaints during this transition.  Call and leave a Voice Mail at 760-722-4433 or e-mail us at KOCT@koct.orgwith your experience.

If you do not have a digital receiver contact Cox today and ask for a special offer at 1-866-939-5637

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