New Local Election Programming

KOCT is North County’s channel because we endeavor to cover the regional topics and events that affect our residents. Our two new June Primary Election programs are good examples of that commitment.

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North County Roundtable with Host Kent Davy recorded a one hour program with 76th Assembly District Candidates. All of the candidates were invited but not all attended. However Tash Boerner Horvath, Thomas Krouse, Amanda Rigby, Jerome Stocks, Elisabeth Warren and Brian Wimmer did participate.

Kent asked a variety of questions ranging from immigration to taxes. You really get a good sense of the positions and perspectives from these articulate candidates and we appreciate that they took the time to connect to local viewers and voters.

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Kent also hosted a one-hour program with all of the San Diego County Supervisor, 5th District Candidates: Jacqueline Arisvaud, Jim Desmond, Michelle Cassel Gomez and Jerry Kern. Because of term limits this is the first time candidates have had an opportunity to run for this office in more than 25 years!

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Voters will want to tune into this program to learn about the candidates and their positions for this important leadership position. We appreciate the candidates for this county office participating and appearing on the North County Channel.

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KOCT will air both of these programs right up to the June 5th election.

Click here to access this and other election programming.

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Be an informed voter by watching KOCT-North County’s Channel!

Tom Reeser