New program about Prince of Peace Abbey on KOCT

Eighteen years ago KOCT produced a comprehensive documentary about our local Benedictine Abbey called Ora et Labora.

This 1999 award-winning program was created by a team of creative professionals. I was proud to be the Executive Producer of the program and even spent a night at the Abbey with our talented cameraman and Associate Producer  Matthew Beck in order to get footage of  their  early morning mass and to record the sunrise from the abbey's  hill top perspective. The program was edited by Richard Sinatra and the script was written by Janet Nicholes.

I’m pleased to announce the premiere of a new program about the Abbey called  

 “Prince of Peace Abbey- Haven of Peace”

This new program was made in close cooperation with Father Charles Wright, the former Abbot of the Abbey. The program features new high-definition footage including beautiful aerial footage taken with a drone that highlights the unique architecture of this local religious institution.  

The program was filmed by Jon Beltz and Edited by Miguel Blanco.  Special thanks to Miguels parents,  

Concepcion and Norma Blanco,  who volunteered as our Abbey 'visitors' for this production. 

Viewers will discover that they can take retreats and renew their faith and refresh their soul at this hilltop haven. The Abbey’s church services are open to the public as is the station of the cross trail with beautiful views of our local chaparral and Pacific Ocean. There is also a gift shop that is open to the public.

The program will air on KOCT’s channel 19 throughout August on Cox Cable and AT&T’s channel 99

Channel 19:

August 7, 9, 11 – 2:00PM

August 8 & 10 – 7:00PM

August 13

– 12:30PM

August 14, 16, 18 – 5:30PM

August 15 & 17 – 2:00PM

August 19 – 1:00PM

August 20 – 12:30PM

August 21, 23, 25 – 2:00PM

August 22 & 24 – 7:00PM

August 28, 30 – 5:30PM

August 29 & 31 – 2:00PM

September 1 – 5:30PM

A special thanks to the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce for all the good work they do for our community in support of local businesses. KOCT was recently acknowledged for being a member of the chamber for the past 30 years! We are and will continue to be  chamber partners with a  mutual goal of improving our Oceanside community.

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