Early this year KOCT was pleased to receive $3,000 from the City of Oceanside Arts Commission to produce three short programs about Oceanside’s thriving Arts & Culture activities. KOCT is matching the Arts Commissions’ funding and the first program has just been completed by KOCT talented Producer/Editor Peter Bonscher.  Our goal with this grant series is to highlight some of the other non-profits arts programs that were also funded by the Oceanside Arts Commission. 

Crew Member Addison Wolf preparing for the shoot.

The Arts Commission grant has helped kick start a new program by the Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside called,

Art of the Masters


which provides kids an opportunity to delve deeper into the contributions of world renowned artists throughout history, helping to solidify the Club’s commitment to educating the youth of today for the needs of tomorrow.

Director Jodi Diamond of the Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside

 The Boys and Girls Clubs of Oceanside have been offering after school and summer programs for North County youth since 1952.  KOCT is pleased to be able to highlight this new arts program.  The great thing about our VOD or Video On Demand service is that it’s easy for you to share programs like this with others AND watch the programs on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

KOCT’s Editor Peter Boncher and Crew Member Addison Wolf interviewing Jodi Diamon


Peter has done a great job kicking off this new grant series and it follows the great news we received last week for another program in our Arts and Culture series:  The “18


Annual Inter-Tribal Powow” has won a 2015 Hometown Media Award—a national and very competitive video competition.  That program was funded in part by a grant from the Oceanside Charitable Foundation and is another good example of the spotlight that KOCT is shining on our local community. Stay tuned later this summer for more in our ongoing Arts series and remember: KOCT is Your Community Channel!

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