Throwback Thursday

As we start the Year 2014, we would like to share with you some blast from the past:

Congressman Ron Packard was our guest on the Voice of Oceanside. The Voice used to be a one-hour call-in  program (viewers had longer attention spans in those days).  Tim Aldrich was the co-founder and the host of the Voice of Oceanside and this was one of the early sets.  Please write to current Congressman Darrell  Issa and encourage him to appear on KOCT’s  Voice of Oceanside in 2014!

And here are two pictures of the old council chambers from about 1987. Mayor Bagley and Council members Ben Ramsey, Sam Williamson, Lucy Chavez, Melba Bishop and Walt Gilbert were Oceanside’s elected officials—oh and of course Barbara Regal Wayne as City Clerk.

KOCT's cameramen are here recording the installation of the tile around the foundation for the KOCT documentary on the building of the Civic Center (1989)