Reflections From KOCT's Tom Reeser

This is my last Community Connections blog. After a 31 year career, I’m retiring as the Executive Director of KOCT-North County’s Channel. It’s been a great career that has mirrored the development of public access television & media.

I was hired in March 1987 by the founder of KOCT, Bob Bowditch. Bob was a retired engineer and a WWII veteran who helped in the development of radar and flew B52’s during the war. 

In those days we set up tripods in the old city hall to cover city council meetings. We would edit the program, add graphics and air the programs manually from our small Apple street studio.

One of my most memorable series of events were in 1988 during the City’s long centennial celebration.

The City entered a float in the Rose Parade and KOCT’s Matthew Beck covered the entire event from the decorating of the float to its national parade premiere.


KOCT covered the Proud to Be American Day Parade after the initial Afghanistan/Iraq war in which thousands of enlisted men and women and armament filled coast highway to cheering crowds.

KOCT and the City of Oceanside successfully negotiated the best local franchise in San Diego County that resulted in KOCT replacing aging equipment with new state-of-the-art equipment and a new television studio. That 15-year franchise has since expired, and KOCT and the City of Oceanside are now under a state franchise. Hundreds of public access stations closed with the loss of local franchises.

It’s appropriate that I retire during this election season, because I am most proud of the hundreds of election programs KOCT has produced since our inception in 1981—In fact it’s because of our election programming that KOCT became a 501 3 c non-profit corporation. Mayor Larry Bagley encouraged Bob to turn KOCT into a non-profit corporation, which he did in 1984. Since then KOCT has provided more, consistent election coverage of north county races than any television station—particularly important now that North County no longer has a daily local newspaper.

Tom Reeser sneaks away from his desk to operate a parade camera.

Tom Reeser sneaks away from his desk to operate a parade camera.

Voice of Oceanside: L-R Jim Wood, Tim Aldrich, Mayoral candidate & Rocky Chavez

Voice of Oceanside: L-R Jim Wood, Tim Aldrich, Mayoral candidate & Rocky Chavez

The 1988 Council wished Tom Reeser a happy birthday and posed with the KOCT staff.

The 1988 Council wished Tom Reeser a happy birthday and posed with the KOCT staff.

KOCT has won numerous national, state and local video awards over the past 30+ years and many young people who began at KOCT have gone on to successful careers in the film and video industry. 

KOCT’s Living Legacies with Tom Morrow interviewed innumerable residents who were formative in the history of the City of Oceanside. Our Journalist Roundtable, Voice of Oceanside, Senior Scene and Oceanside Spectrum programs have been the beneficiaries of many great hosts like J. Stryker Meyer, Tim Aldrich, John Bonosoro, Bill Fritche, Dick Johnson,  Kent Davy, Alison St John, Brian Graham, Brian Cook and Elaine Swann.   KOCT’s documentaries on the Pier, Civic Center, Mission San Luis Rey and the Adobes and Ranchos of North County will educate and entertain viewers for many years to come. 

I’m glad I have a great Board of Directors who will continue to lead KOCT into the future and a wonderful and talented staff who I will miss for their great sense of humor, their talent and dedication.

I’m blessed to have had a career doing what I love and proud that I helped create one of the most successful community TV stations in San Diego: KOCT-North County’s Channel!

1987,  Bob Bowditch, Darrin Mclaulin, Bill Sinatra, Matthew Beck, Joe Sage, Darrin and Tom Reeser

1987, Bob Bowditch, Darrin Mclaulin, Bill Sinatra, Matthew Beck, Joe Sage, Darrin and Tom Reeser

New Local Election Programming

KOCT is North County’s channel because we endeavor to cover the regional topics and events that affect our residents. Our two new June Primary Election programs are good examples of that commitment.

76th Good .JPG

North County Roundtable with Host Kent Davy recorded a one hour program with 76th Assembly District Candidates. All of the candidates were invited but not all attended. However Tash Boerner Horvath, Thomas Krouse, Amanda Rigby, Jerome Stocks, Elisabeth Warren and Brian Wimmer did participate.

Kent asked a variety of questions ranging from immigration to taxes. You really get a good sense of the positions and perspectives from these articulate candidates and we appreciate that they took the time to connect to local viewers and voters.

Host Kent Davy.JPG

Kent also hosted a one-hour program with all of the San Diego County Supervisor, 5th District Candidates: Jacqueline Arisvaud, Jim Desmond, Michelle Cassel Gomez and Jerry Kern. Because of term limits this is the first time candidates have had an opportunity to run for this office in more than 25 years!

5th Districtwide.JPG

Voters will want to tune into this program to learn about the candidates and their positions for this important leadership position. We appreciate the candidates for this county office participating and appearing on the North County Channel.

Good koct logo.JPG

KOCT will air both of these programs right up to the June 5th election.

Click here to access this and other election programming.

smiling crew.JPG

Be an informed voter by watching KOCT-North County’s Channel!

Tom Reeser
Four ways to watch the City Council Meeting about the Medical Marijuana issue

On Wednesday, March 28th more than 60 citizens attended the City Council meeting to give their opinions about a medical marijuana agenda item. The Council voted to approve regulating marijuana and cultivation but rejected any dispensaries. You can watch this meeting from the comfort of you own home on your computer or tablet or even on the road via your smart phone.

There are four different ways to watch Oceanside City Council Meetings on KOCT:

  1. Watch the meetings Live by watching on Cox Cable in Oceanside on Channel 19 whenever a Oceanside City Council meeting is scheduled.  In general the City has Council meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 5 pm. KOCT is also carried County-wide on AT&T’s U-Verse service, channel 99.
  2. KOCT Streams the City Council meetings ‘live’ anytime the Council has a meeting. Simply go to KOCT.ORG and click on the ‘Live Stream -Channel 19” button
  3. Watch Replays of the Oceanside City Council meetings via Cox Cable or AT&T on the Thursday after every meeting at 5 pm, Friday at 5 pm, Saturday at 11 am or Sunday at 5pm.
  4. Watch Replays of the Oceanside City Council meeting by going to KOCT.ORG: Videos: City of Oceanside: City Council Meetings

Additionally the City of Oceanside replays every one of their meetings—Go to the City of Oceanside’s YouTube Channel to watch the latest, past meetings or city informational videos.

Stay in tune with you community by staying tuned to KOCT- North County’s Channel!

Tom Reeser
New Shows

KOCT has produced a number of new, interesting North County focused programs since our last blog.

We now produce, twice per month, a topical program, North County Roundtable. A new show is produced on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month and at 6 pm and 9 pm on KOCT’s channel 18. Our Feb. 16th program had a diverse group of interviewees starting with an exploration of the legalization of marijuana.

 Host Alison St. John interviewed Dallin Young, the Executive Director for the Association of Cannabis Professionals.

Our second guest was Neil Nagata, the President of the San Diego Farm Bureau and Nagata Brothers who discussed their opposition to the proposed SOAR initiative (Save Open space and Agricultural Resources)

Our last guest covered all things political in North County including the recent wave of District based elections. Tom Shepard, President of Tom Shepard and Associates had a far ranging discussion about the upcoming primaries, 76th Assembly and the 49th Congressional race.

Speaking of politics: A most unusual council meeting occurred on January 24th

in which the City Council selected former City Manager, Peter Weis to be the Mayor after the resignation of Mayor Wood due to illness. Watch it by clicking Jan. 24th City Council Meeting Concerning Mayor Selection and move the time-line to 22:07

KOCT is North County’s Channel: Here are links to a number of new programs to help keep you informed about your Home Town community:

Turkey Trot Newsbrief

Oceanside Community Resource Centers

Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon

Oceanside Police Dept. Senior Volunteer Patrol Program

Remember you can watch any of KOCT extensive new and older programs by going to KOCT.ORG and clicking on Video On Demand. All of our new program are in Hi-Definition and can be seen on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try using the Search feature at the top of the home page.

Kellie Davis is the new Producer for North County Roundtable KOCT has a great line-up of North County Roundtable programs, hosted by Kent Davy and Alison St. John and you can watch every City Council meeting ‘live’ , replayed or as VOD.

Tom ReeserComment
Random Pixels

KOCT-The North County Channel has been busy producing a number of new programs—here’s a brief sample of them with easy-to-watch links to our extensive Video On Demand website . 

Check out or watch KOCT on Cox Cable in Oceanside on either channel 18 (the Community Channel) or channel 19 (the Government Channel. KOCT is also available on AT&T’s U-Verse (channel 99) anywhere in the county.

Jeremy Sewell, Performing Arts Theater Manager gives tour of new facility

Oceanside High School Performing Arts Center Ribbon Cutting

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of Oceanside High School’s new Performing Arts Center. 

The center has a 502-seat main theater, a black box theater, indoor and outdoor scenery shops, classroom space, a recording studio plus outdoor seating and performance areas.

The ribbon cutting ceremony featured members from the OUSD Board of Directors, OHS Officials, City Officials and other important key players that helped bring this facility to life

Open Enrollment –Tri-City Medical Center

--If you are 65 and wish to receive or change your Medicare provider you'll want to watch this new PSA from our community hospital. They have many free information sessions about your many choices. The enrollment period ends in December so don't dawdle! 

Star Theatre Mural Ribbon Cutting

—Main Street Oceanside has launched a community supported effort to install large artistic Murals in downtown Oceanside. This News Brief highlights the premier of the first mural on the side of the Star Theatre.

What’s happening at Tri-City Medical Center: Cardiac Electrophysiology with Dr. David Cohen

On this episode, host John Bonosoro speaks with Dr. David Cohen, a Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Tri City Medical Center. He specializes in treating heart rhythm disorders, also known as arrhythmia.

During the program, Dr. Cohen discusses Electrophysiology, arrhythmia, and therapies that are available for patients with heart failure.

Oceanside Update sponsored by Scripps Health 

- This monthly program highlights the many city events and activities in our growing and dynamic city.


The City of Oceanside has partnered with Waste Management and Goodwill San Diego to bring you CurbUp!

The CurbUp program

was designed to reroute bulky items headed for the landfill to a Goodwill Outlet Center. CurbUp gives Oceanside residents the opportunity to donate large household items and textiles for reuse, and will help keep valuable resources out of our landfills.

Hepatitis A Prevention PSA

The San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency identified an outbreak of Hepatitis A in San Diego County, primarily in the homeless population. 

Hepatitis A can be spread through ingestion of fecal matter (even in microscopic amounts), by touching objects or eating food that someone with the Hepatitis A infection has handled; close person-to-person contact with an infected person; use of recreational drugs, whether injected or not; and sexual contact with someone who has the Hepatitis A infection. Vaccination is the best way to prevent infection.  Call 2-1-1 to find a clinic near you to request the vaccine or contact your doctor.

A great way to support a local media resource like KOCT is to become a

Friend of KOCT

—Find our why Ron Rand has become a supporter!

Tom ReeserComment
New program about Prince of Peace Abbey on KOCT

Eighteen years ago KOCT produced a comprehensive documentary about our local Benedictine Abbey called Ora et Labora.

This 1999 award-winning program was created by a team of creative professionals. I was proud to be the Executive Producer of the program and even spent a night at the Abbey with our talented cameraman and Associate Producer  Matthew Beck in order to get footage of  their  early morning mass and to record the sunrise from the abbey's  hill top perspective. The program was edited by Richard Sinatra and the script was written by Janet Nicholes.

I’m pleased to announce the premiere of a new program about the Abbey called  

 “Prince of Peace Abbey- Haven of Peace”

This new program was made in close cooperation with Father Charles Wright, the former Abbot of the Abbey. The program features new high-definition footage including beautiful aerial footage taken with a drone that highlights the unique architecture of this local religious institution.  

The program was filmed by Jon Beltz and Edited by Miguel Blanco.  Special thanks to Miguels parents,  

Concepcion and Norma Blanco,  who volunteered as our Abbey 'visitors' for this production. 

Viewers will discover that they can take retreats and renew their faith and refresh their soul at this hilltop haven. The Abbey’s church services are open to the public as is the station of the cross trail with beautiful views of our local chaparral and Pacific Ocean. There is also a gift shop that is open to the public.

The program will air on KOCT’s channel 19 throughout August on Cox Cable and AT&T’s channel 99

Channel 19:

August 7, 9, 11 – 2:00PM

August 8 & 10 – 7:00PM

August 13

– 12:30PM

August 14, 16, 18 – 5:30PM

August 15 & 17 – 2:00PM

August 19 – 1:00PM

August 20 – 12:30PM

August 21, 23, 25 – 2:00PM

August 22 & 24 – 7:00PM

August 28, 30 – 5:30PM

August 29 & 31 – 2:00PM

September 1 – 5:30PM

A special thanks to the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce for all the good work they do for our community in support of local businesses. KOCT was recently acknowledged for being a member of the chamber for the past 30 years! We are and will continue to be  chamber partners with a  mutual goal of improving our Oceanside community.

Community Connection is a weekly blog by KOCT's Executive Director,

Tom Reeser

Tom ReeserComment
Check out these new KOCT programs:

Summer is here and our local teenagers are hitting the beach and relaxing after a busy school year. KOCT celebrates their achievements with a three new programs that  you'll want to watch and share with family and friends.

Martin  Luther King Jr.  Scholarship Garden Reception 2017: 

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Program is sponsored by the City of Oceanside and managed by the Housing Commission, a citizen advisory panel appointed by the City Council. Every May a beautiful and well attended Garden Reception is held at the home of Janet Bledsoe-Lacy to award these Scholarships.  You'll enjoy hearing the story of these young high school graduates and  their future plans. 

The students were selected from 73 applicants, and represent Oceanside, El Camino, Ocean Shores, Vista, and Mission Vista High Schools. All of the funds received by the students came from donations from the public. Watch it now by clicking Here

or watch it on cable television: 

Air plays for this program are:

AT&T U-verse (Ch. 99)  OR Cox Cable-Channel 19


Friday (6/16): 5:30PM

Saturday (6/17): 10:00AM

Sunday (6/18): 11:00AM

Monday (6/26): 5:30PM

Wednesday (6/28): 5:30PM

Friday (6/30): 5:30PM

Sunday (7/2): 11:00AM

The 2017 Oceanside High School Graduation Commencement Ceremony occurred June 8th at the Jr. Seau Amphitheater. KOCT was there to capture this wonderful memory.

Watch now by clicking HERE.

If you would like a DVD copy of this program please call (760) 722-4433 or e-mail

North County Talks - OHS Health Academy

Oceanside High School’s Healthcare Academy is a program that allows students to research and present on global health issues. Students in this program spend a semester researching and becoming experts in their topic as well as receive college credit upon completion. During this episode of North County Talks, students from the academy held a panel discussion on human trafficking and birth control access.

Click HERE to watch! 

KOCT's talented crew recently produced a new News Brief--Stay in tune with our North County Community by staying tuned to

KOCT-North County's Channel

Vista Strawberry Festival

The annual #VistaStrawberryFestival is a family fun event that is held in downtown Vista every year. Sponsored by Tri-City Medical Center, there are many different activities, performances, informational booths and much more. Check out this News Brief by clicking Here. 

Tom ReeserComment
New Television Series

KOCT has a new television series called

What’s Happening at Tri-City Medical Center.

 Our first program celebrates June’s  Men’s Health Month with a program featuring Dr. Jason Phillips, a Board Certified Urologist. It’s an informative program that discusses the need for men to have annual check-ups, treatments for prostate cancer and related topics.

Our first show is hosted by John Bonosoro and it features three 10-minute segments which makes sharing the links with friends and family members easy. They can watch any segment or the whole show on their smart phone, tablet or computer—all in Hi-Definition.

Tune in starting on Monday June 5th for the premiere of this new series. It will begin playing Monday through Friday on KOCT’s channel 18 Community Channel  at 7am and 6 pm

Another great series of programs KOCT will premier starting next Monday are our annual

High School Spectrums.  

Each year KOCT teaches students from El Camino and Oceanside High School how to operate the cameras, switchers, Teleprompters and other studio equipment so they can produce their own Oceanside Spectrum television programs.  

Each student comes in the month before when we tape our regular Oceanside Spectrum program with Host Elaine Swan and a KOCT employee or college intern shows them how to operate the equipment.  The next month’s show features a high school host or hosts and guests from their high schools to talk about subjects such as the soon to be completed theatre at Oceanside High School.

 These shows can be instrumental in the lives of these young students. I recall the story of one young lady from El Camino who came to the KOCT studios and saw all of the young, professional women who were then working at KOCT. She was so inspired that she changed her career choice, attended the prestigious Brooks Institute in Ventura and is working full-time in the communications field .

So check out these professional program produced by teenagers from our community about our two local high schools. The series begins on

June 5th on channel 18 and airs M-F 8:00AM and 7:00PM .The high schools will rotate every other day with El Camino beginning on Monday and OHS beginning on Tuesday. They will switch the following week with Oceanside High School playing on M/W/F and El Camino High School playing on T/TH.

One Final Note:

Do you value programs that feature your hometown community? Would you like to see more programs for, by and about North County? If so please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. It’s easy just CLICK here.

Tom ReeserComment
Special Edition: High School Spectrum

KOCT will  air,  beginning on June 5th,   our Special Edition: High School Spectrum

featuring video students from both El Camino and Oceanside High Schools.  High School Spectrum is a good example of  KOCT’s student intern service. We have developed an effective workforce development program that provides real world experience for high school and college students .

One of our student interns can now be seen nightly on the local NBC affiliate NBC 7 as a Reporter. Elena Gomez graduated from Chapman University in 2009, with a Bachelor’s in Television and Broadcast Journalism and minors in Public Relations and Spanish. In college, Gomez received the “Most Promising Broadcast Journalist” award, one of Chapman University’s most prestigious honors for broadcast students. After graduation she worked as an editor for the NBC 7 News Today for over a year.

Throughout her college years and after, Gomez worked at KOCT. There she experienced true hands-on-training by editing, writing, producing and reporting stories along with working as an assistant director, camerawoman and floor director for larger productions. She received W.A.V.E. and S.T.A.R awards for reporting excellence and an award from the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists for producing an in-studio talk show.

In September 2011, Elena earned a spot as a news associate for NBC 7, working as a multimedia journalist where she shot, edited, wrote and reported daily stories for the evening newscasts. She is currently a Reporter for NBC 7, San Diego.

One of our current part-time employees is Andrew Jimenez,  one of KOCT's newest editors/cinematographers. He attended San Diego City College's Radio, TV, and Film Department for a certificate in Documentary, Film, and Video Production.  He received his bachelor's degree in Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media from CSU Bakersfield. He has also worked with NFL Films as a camera operator and produced his own feature film.

He recently produced a short program about KOCT’s Internship program check it out HERE.

Tom ReeserComment
Random Pixels: 4-13-17
  • Watch this months Journalist Roundtable featuring three  informative guests:

Our first guest was 5th District Supervisor Bill Horn who discussed his annual State of North County Address and other issues in his huge San Diego County district.

Our second guest was Oceanside Council member Jerry Kern to talk about the decommissioning of the San Onofre Power Plant and District elections in Oceanside.

Our third guest was newly elected Carlsbad Council Member Cori Schumacher in her first appearance on KOCT. She discussed her pro-surfing career and the path that led her to run for a council seat.  Host Kent Davy, KPBS's Alison St. John and San Diego Union-Tribune's North County Editor Melanie Marshall also asked about the recent controversial decision to record the license plate of all drivers entering Carlsbad. Council Member Schumacher was the only official to vote against this action.

You can watch this episode  anytime, anywhere on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer by going to


and clicking on

Video On Demand: Journalist Roundtable.

KOCT crew are completing production on an upcoming program about the Prince of Peace Abbey and the spiritual retreats they offer. Watch for it in May!

Throwback Thursday Picture

Candidates running for Mayor of Oceanside appearing on a special "Senior Scene" program. Second from left is former Mayor Dick Lyon and second from right is former Council member Sam Williamson--both of whom passed away earlier this year. 

Tom ReeserComment
Random Pixels

Random Pixels

Agritourism might be in Oceanside’s future. Ag-Tourism has been called niche tourism and contains a  number of strategies including  farm to table relationships between local farmers and restaurants. It’s opportunities for visitors to stay at local Bed & Breakfasts and hotels and participate in the planting and harvesting of local produce.  Recently KOCT’s Beverly Woodworth attended the first workshop designed to explore the many possibilities that could transform and protect the 4,000 acres of agriculture in South Morro Hills.  Check out this KOCT News Brief about the workshop held at Melba Bishop Recreation Center.

Oceanside Spectrum is a great way to get the word out about your organizations fundraisers, events and needs. WE tape a new program every month and each guest is interviewed by Host Elaine Swann. 

Don’t forget to watch Elaine on the new FOX reality series Kicking & Screaming every  Thursdays, 9pm on the Fox Network!! (I hope she survives so she can continue to  host our Spectrum programs)

Two weeks ago at our Spectrum taping I walked by the Green Room where guests wait before going on the air and did a double take followed by celebrity fawning. Tennis great and two-time Grand Slam Rod Laver was in the house!

He was there to invite viewers to attend the Mary Laver Memorial Tennis Event on April 8th with proceeds to benefit the Hospice of the North Coast. The event will be at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad. Rod was with the Director of Development for Hospice, Shelley Dew.  I was shameless in asking to be included in a picture with Shelley and  two famous people Rod & Elaine!  Look for the program on KOCT.ORG

Tom ReeserComment
Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball on KOCT!

It was a blustery, rainy night for the KOCT production team to set-up for the return of High School Basketball to KOCT — but it was worth it.  On Friday night February 17th, the Oceanside Varsity Boys and Girls basketball teams faced cross-town rivals El Camino High School.  Both of these games can be viewed on your smart phone, tablet or computer by going to KOCT.ORG and clicking on Video On Demand - Specials. The two games will also be shown throughout the month on KOCT Channel 18 & 19. Check out our Program Schedule for time convenient for the viewers in your house. 

Tune to KOCT - Channel 18, Thursday, March 2nd at 6pm to view the new episode of Journalist Roundtable. This educational and instructive episode will showcase three accomplished, professional women:

Dr. Sunita “Sunny” Cooke is the Superintendent/President of the MiraCosta Community College District. She will be discussing: the $455 million-dollar campus improvement bond, and the new “MiraCosta Promise” –A year of college without fees! 

Dr. Karen Haynes, the longest-serving President of the California State University system sought in a recent community-wide address to debunk the myths and stand up for public higher education. She will discuss this and the launch of CSUSM’s new Engineering programs and many other successes.

Margery Pierce, the Director of Neighborhood Services for the City of Oceanside. She will discuss the challenges of finding housing in one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation and the growing homeless problem in our county.

The host of this long-running monthly series is Kent Davy, the former Editor for the North County Times. He will be joined by Alison St. John, the KPBS North County Bureau Editor, and North County Editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune,Melanie Marshall.

Viewers in Oceanside can watch via Cox Cable on KOCT Channel 18, as well as county-wide on AT&T’s U-Verse service (Channel 99). Stream us live on and on your smart phone or tablet by clicking here. Stay in tune with your community by tuning into KOCT-Your Community Channels!

Tom ReeserComment
Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Tune-In for KOCT’s “live” boys and girls Basketball coverage this Friday night!

Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) and KOCT have partnered to air the varsity basketball games between hometown rivals Oceanside High School (OHS) and El Camino High School (ECHS).

The games will be aired live from Oceanside High School on Friday, Feb. 17 starting at 5:30 p.m. on KOCT’s community channel 18. 

Announcers Art Root and Kenneth Wright will call the on-court action. Wright is an assistant principal at Oceanside High School and a graduate of El Camino High School. 

The games will be replayed back-to-back on Saturday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 19 at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 18. KOCT will replay the games throughout the month of February on Channels 18 and 19 Cox Cable in the City of Oceanside and county-wide on AT&T’s U-Verse Service, Channel 99. 

Viewers can also go to KOCT.ORG where both channels are Streamed and, later in the week, the games will be posted as Video On Demand. Viewers can watch the games on their smart phones, tablets or computers. 

New Community Health Matters

Did you know that the human heart beats about 100,000 times a day and over 2.5 billion times in a lifetime? Its no wonder Tri-City Medical Center has devoted all of February to such a hard worker.  

In recognition of Heart Health Month KOCT has a new Community Health Matters on this important topic. Our guests include Dr. El-Sherief, Cardiologist and Sharon Schultz, the Chief Nurse Executive. Find out about their comprehensive heart risk assessment which will tell you about the health of your heart.

Stay in-tune with your community by Staying Tuned to KOCT - Your Community Channel

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Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Dick Lyon, the former Mayor of Oceanside passed away last weekend. Mayor Lyon led an amazing life and was deeply involved in his community. The best way to learn about this talented man might be to hear about his remarkable life in his own words.

Photo Courtesy of Navy Times

In 2006 Mayor Lyon was interviewed by KOCT’s Tim Aldrich in a two-part series called “One on One”.  Starting Monday, February 13th through the rest of the month on KOCT’s Channel 18 we’ll be replaying these programs:

“One on One” – DICK LYON PART 1

M/W/F – 5AM, 5:30PM, 8:30PM

“One on One” – DICK LYON PART 2

T/TH - 5AM, 5:30PM, 8:30PM

“One on One” – DICK LYON PART 1 & 2 (back to back)

SAT/SUN – 8:00AM & 6:00PM

Or if you want to watch these interviews right now on your Smart Phone, Computer or Tablet got to KOCT.ORG and Click Video on Demand: History Stories

Or click on these links: 

Video On Demand Part 1/   

VOD Part 2

I often bumped into Mayor Lyon when I was surfing or bodyboarding in front of his house. When he was in his 70’s I would often see him returning from an Ocean swim from far out past the pier.  He was one of a kind and will be missed.

Elaine Swan has been the vivacious host of KOCT’s Oceanside Spectrum for many years as well as a successful entrepreneur. As The Etiquette Lady she as appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and written in national magazines. Get ready to see her in the new FOX survival series Kicking and Screaming

Thursday March 9th at 9pm. Congratulations Elaine—out of the comfort of the KOCT studios and into the Jungle. Will she survive? (we hope so)

L-R- Journalist Roundtable Host Kent Davy,  KPBS’s Alison St. John, San Diego Union-Tribune North County Editor Melanie Marshall and JRT Producer Tom Reeser just prior to our Feb 2nd ‘live’ show.

KOCT’s Journalist Roundtable had a diverse guest and topic list for our February 2nd “live” television program that will be airing throughout the month of February on KOCT’s Channel 18. (click HERE for program schedule)

Joining the Roundtable Journalists Kent Davy and Allison St. John for the first time was the North County Editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Melanie Marshall. 

Our first guest was Irma Cota, President and CEO of North County Health Services President since 1997.  We discussed the impact on health services over the past 8 years of the Affordable Care Act and the potential impact on healthcare with the probable demise of the national healthcare plan. 

Our second guest was Thomas Arnold, a veteran San Diego Journalist whose written for San Diego Union-Tribune, the North County Times and other local papers and magazines. We discussed the results of the recent North San Diego County elections.

Our last two guests explored the topic “How does San Diego County Grow?” 

Representing the perspective of real estate specialists with a perspective on recent land use conflicts was Nathan Moeder, of the London Group.

Representing rural community residents was Sandra Farrell, a member of the Twin Oaks Valley Community Sponsor Group.

You can watch this episode of Journalist Roundtable on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer by going to KOCT Video On Demand.

Tom ReeserComment
Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Gerald Hampton

Gerald Hampton with visitor to KOCT's 2016 Open House

Congratulation to KOCT board member Gerald Hampton.   

Gerald  was named as the 2017 recipient of the City of Oceanside Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award at the annual commemoration celebration hosted by the North San Diego County Branch of the NAACP and the City of Oceanside on January 16, 2017.  The Community Service award is an annual award given to a resident of the City of Oceanside or MCB Camp Pendleton who exemplifies the ideals and teachings of Dr. King and who has served the community in volunteer activities over a long period of time.  I first met Gerald when he served on the Cable Commission.

Gerald, is a retired U.S. Marine Corps member  , and has been a long-standing member of the North County chapter of NAACP.

Former Oceanside City Councilmember Sam Williamson, Sr. passed away on January 8th at age 81. KOCT worked with Sam on many productions including the building of the Heritage House during the 1988 Centennial Season—I remember Sam was a ‘can-do’ kind of guy and watching him  jump on to a construction BobCat and helping to prepare the site where the house was being built. Sam was also featured in our story of the Oceanside Rose Float and Civic Center documentary.   

KOCT is replaying a Living Legacies featuring Sam

Here is the schedule for the Living Legacies episode featuring Sam Williamson.

Channel 18 - 8:00AM & 8:30PM

Monday (1/23) Wednesday (1/25) Frid...ay (1/27)

Channel 18 - 8:00AM & 8:30PM

Tuesday (1/31) Thursday (2/2)

You can also watch the episode on your smart phone, tablet or computer by clicking below.

YouTube Link -

VOD Link -…/liv…/detail/living_legacies_sam_williamson

Sam Williamson

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