KOCT’s community calendar service allows non-profits, service groups, and local organizations to promote and publicize their events on television for an affordable monthly or annual fee.  KOCT is available in 80% of Oceanside Homes on Cox Cable.  KOCT is also available county-wide on AT&T’s U-Verse Channel 99 and streams both channels ‘live’ via KOCT.ORG on the internet.  KOCT’s Community Calendar will be shown on Channel 18 throughout the week and on weekends (Channel 18: Monday thru Saturday at 9 am & 5pm & on Sunday at 9am). 

Entry Level Price

Users of this new service will be able to update their 30-50 words or fewer messages once per week via e-mail.  The Annual Fee for this service is a membership as a friend of KOCT at the Cameraman level ($120 annually) or above.

Additional Services

For an additional $200 one-time fee KOCT will design a custom page for a club or group who want their logo, address and contact information on a creative canvas to which their weekly message will be added.

Or, users can provide their own custom pages that conform to our specified requirements: JPEG, 16x9 Aspect ratio.

In order to initiate each of these services, make an update to your material, or if you just need more information contact KOCT at (760) 722-4433,

To get started, begin by filling out the information on the form below:


  • Only Community Calendar messages that are submitted by email will be accepted. No hand-written, no fax and no PDF.

  • Organization submitting the PSA must be a NON-PROFIT

  • Fill out the Community Calendar Invoice and Form and pay appropriate fee

  • When submitting a new PSA, provide contact person, phone, and e-mail (for office use only)

  • Limit your announcement to a written message to 50 words or less

  • Include only essential information: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & PHONE NUMBER